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With decades of experience in online education, we excel at student retention by empowering you with the tools to identify at risk students and help them succeed.

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The Lighthouse early alert system analyzes a variety of data points to determine students who may be at risk. The model is specific to your institution and allows you to help students before it’s too late.



Analysts know that the most time-consuming part of the process is getting your data into one place. Our experience with higher educational data and our expertise in software engineering allows us to efficiently aggregate the data. We'll adapt to your technology (query, API, FTP, etc.) instead of making you conform to a vendor's requirements.


Your data contain valuable information about students. Lighthouse uses machine learning techniques that utilize your own historical data to identify students who might be at risk. Will students attend class next week? Will they pass their current class? If reliable answers to these questions exist in your data, Lighthouse will find it.


Even the most accurate predictive model is of little value if the institution doesn't act on the signal. Lighthouse presents this timely information through simple and intuitive reports. This allows faculty members or student support staff to react quickly and efficiently, improving a student's chance of success in their program.

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Apr 15, 2015

I didn’t invent statistics nor did I invent machine learning.  I’m not a published expert in either field.  However, I was on Jeopardy, so that’s got to give me some street cred to be able to talk about the two techniques.  The discussion usually boils down to this — regression is a more “pure” form Read More.

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